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  1. Purchased a Wii console from you. (Order # 108-2974280-8245838)

    No sound — connected it using all the same cables from the Wii it was meant to replace. (The old one would no longer read any discs. This one reads the discs and seems fine in every other respect, but no sound.)

    I’ve done all the usual troubleshooting steps and searched many forums to try everything that may be an error on my end, but I have to conclude that the device was sent to me with this flow.

    Will you replace it? — Who pays for shipping?


    Karl Hillstrom

  2. Hey vgmx guys before I say anything I just want you to know that all of you do a kickass job and love your store. But I have some GameCube game I want to sell and one gameboy game for sale and I want to know what I can get for them. I plan on selling Spyro a heroes tail, the legend of Spyro a new beginning, Spyro enter the Dragon and, super smash bro’s melee for the GameCube. All include the case and manual. All in good shape. Also I’d like to sell shadow the hedgehog for GameCube, but it’s only the disc. For the Game Boy I would like to sell donkey Kong three which is an yellow cartonnage. And that’s it. Let me know what I could roughly get thanks guys.

  3. Hi I was informed by a friend that you may buy bulk and single pokemon cards. I didnt see it on your website but wanted to make sure. Thank you

  4. Hi I was wondering if I can possible sale my fc3 plus system new in box plays nes super nes and Sega Genesis cartridges I also have a copy of super Mario for the super Nintendo.

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