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About VGMX

VGMX is a Local Game Store with a little bit of everything to embrace and express your inner nerd. With core values of putting the customer first and integrity, VGMX has been serving Columbus, Ohio on Schrock road for over 26 years.

Their knowable staff has and always keeps the best interest of the customer as the foundation of the business. To give customers the best value, they offer free memberships and price products at online market rates.

Products Available at VGMX

Video Games and Music is not the only thing found at VGMX. Adopting over time with the needs of their customers, they have added a vast range of products. With several venders for new products and competitive offers for customers selling their unwanted used items, each visit to VGMX is an experience with something new and interesting .

Gaming has come a long way from the times of the Atari 2600 but that doesn’t mean customers can’t find Joysticks and game cartridges for classic gaming systems at VGMX. They buy, sell, and trade ANYTHING video game related with a vast selection of games, accessories, and systems at competitive prices.

Trading Card Games

For all the casual, competitive, and collecting TCG players, VGMX is the one stop shop for everything Magic The Gathering, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

With several cases and binders as well as countless boxes filled with singles, VGMX’s vast selection has something for every player. The vast range of available booster packs, booster boxes, kits, box sets, and pre-constructed decks fulfills every player’s needs with the newest sets being in stock on day one.

Protective Sleeves, Portfolio Binders, and Playmats in various colors and designs are restocked weekly to ensure players are able to protect and showcase their collections.

Classics and new releases for movies and TV Shows can always be found on the walls of VGMX.

With hundreds of instock Blu-Ray titles, every customer can find something of interest at competitive pricing. A kid friendly section can always be found for entertainment for the whole family.

Movies &
TV Shows


Express your passions and fandom with posters that are displayed throughout the store. For those looking to decorate a child’s room to those looking to deck out a gaming room, there’s a poster at VGMX to fit their needs. At a low price and frequent restocks, VGMX is a great place to pick up posters.

Bring something new to Game Night from VGMX’s Table Top Games section. With classics like Monopoly and Clue to the complex like Dungeon and Dragons, something new and exciting can be found.  

VGMX can always special order in Table Top Games from their venders for those looking for specific title.


Much Much More

With VGMX’s staff having daily conversations with customers, they have a great sense of desired product. Action Figures, collectibles, comic books, notebooks, replica light sabers, Master Chief’s helmet, life sized lancers, R.O.B the robot, Lego sets, jigsaw puzzles, POP Figures, Mr. Potato Head as Darth Vader, lunch boxes, plushies, VHS tapes, mugs, welcome mats, Hot wheels, and Blind Bags are some of the hidden gems that can be found scattered throughout the store. The staff can always give a price on any of these treasures that doesn’t have a price tag on them.