Magic: The Gathering: Commander Legends - Draft Booster Box


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Magic: The Gathering: Commander Legends

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How to Draft Commander Legends

Players break into pods of eight (or as close as possible) and each player drafts three Commander Legends Booster Packs. Players select two cards at a time, every pick of the draft. When building their decks, players must select the legend or legends they are using as their Commander. Every player also has access to a special card they may use as their Commander: The Prismatic Piper. Once players have selected their Commanders, they build a 60-card deck made of cards that match the Commander’s color identity, determined by the mana symbols in the casting cost and ability costs of the Commander. Unlike in other forms of Commander, players can draft and play as many copies of the same card as they want. After decks are built, players break into multiplayer pods, and the battle begins! Commander Legends Draft has been tuned to play well with as few as four players, and EventLink only requires two players in an event for it to launch. Commander Legends was designed for an amazing Booster Draft format, but we understand that players may not want to handle each other’s cards right now or are looking for a more traditional Prerelease experience, so Sealed is also available for the Commander Legends Prerelease.

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    The Draft Process and Deckbuilding
    Commander Legends comes in 24-pack booster boxes—perfect for drafting in the recommended eight-person pods. Each pack contains 20 cards, with two legendary slots and a foil slot, and players will draft two cards from a pack with every pick.

    The set is intended to be drafted in eight-person pods, but Verhey said that it also works well in four-person pods. After drafting, players will build 60-card decks that follow the color identity rules of their chosen Commander(s)—more on that below—but without the singleton restriction, then break up into four-player groups to play a multiplayer match. Similar to constructed Commander, each player will start with 40 life and Commander damage rules will apply.

    Wizards expects a full draft and multiplayer game to take around two hours, total.

    Verhey is very cognizant that some Commander fans might feel like the draft format isn’t really Commander given the 60-card deck size and lack of a singleton requirement. He tweeted a very thorough thread after the panel in which he explained the design team’s reasoning for the changes but is confident the changes were necessary for the product to work.

    The Return of Partner
    Bringing the Partner mechanic back for Commander Legends, and introducing Magic’s first mono-colored Partners, were also decisions made specifically to ensure that players have a playable deck at the end of the draft.

    Partner was originally introduced in Commander 2016 on 15 multicolor cards. Wizards expanded on the mechanic in 2018’s Battlebond with the less flexible “Partner with” on 22 additional cards, which only allowed players to partner specific legends together.

    In Commander Legends, Verhey and his team were worried that players wouldn’t be able to change colors in the middle of the draft if their first color gets cut off and still build a playable deck. Their solution was to bring back the original version of Partner and put it on mono-colored cards for the first time. Verhey said that they believed that these mono-color Partners would allow players to switch colors by finding a second Partner and more easily draft a cohesive deck.

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