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PS4 KMD: 5 Port USB Hub


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PS4 KMD: 5 Port USB Hub

Why settle for only 2 USB®- ports on your PS4™ when you can have 5! The KMD® USB® Hub for PS4™ allowsyou to simultaneously plug in and charge up to 4 USB® 2.0 compatible devices and 1 USB® 3.0 compatibledevice. Increase the transfer rate between your console’s hard drive and an external USB® 3.0 compatiblehard drive for quicker data management. Don’t set boundaries during game play, connect your desireddevices, increase transfer rates, and continue your game without limitations!


  • Compatible with PS4™
  • Increases the number of USB® ports on the PS4™
  • Connect up to 5 USB®-compatible devices
  • Includes (1) USB® 3.0 port and (4) USB® 2.0 ports
  • Equipped for faster transfer speeds between hard drives through the USB® 3.0 port
  • Charge multiple devices simultaneously
  • Blue light indicator ensures a proper connection
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