Zendikar Rising - Bundle Gift Edition


10 Zendikar Rising Draft Booster packs, 1 Zendikar Rising Collector Booster, 40 regular-frame lands (20 foil, 20 non-foil), 1 promo alternate art card, 1 oversized spindown life counter, 2 double sided reference cards.

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                                               Zendikar Rising – Bundle Gift Edition




When we released Eldraine last year, we introduced a “Gift Edition” of the bundle, and it looks like it’s that time of the year again already.  Zendikar Rising Bundle: Gift Edition contains all of the same things as the regular bundle but adds a couple bonuses. Each Gift Edition contains:

  • 1 Collector Booster
  • 10 Draft Boosters
  • 20 foil basic lands (regular frame)
  • 20 basic lands (regular frame)
  •  alt-art card (coming soon!)
  • 1 alternate-color oversized spindown
  • 1 super-shiny card storage box

A great gift, indeed!

Was shocked when I clicked a button on the handle of this artifact, and it split into multiple tools.  Multiple tools, huh?  I’ll call it a many-thing.

Ancient kor sporting events involved way more blades than one would want or expect. These “potion caps” were worn by spectators who might need a quick heal should a game of bladesketball go sideways.

Between the crumbling pages of this ancient tome is some juicy gossip. Did you know that Ahira kissed Zenah over summer break?!

We can’t fathom what purpose such a device could have. Perhaps it is a mere children’s bauble?

Looks like we made it out of the Skyclave in one piece!  Thought you were a goner. Thanks for joining me as we discovered the secrets of Zendikar Rising. See you next time!

I think this may be an ancient magical weapon. We can’t find the activation button, but you can see the slats at the end of the “blade” that could potentially emit some sort of energy beam.

The first treasure I found was what appears to be a collapsible blade. Perhaps this was used in early kor productions of “Waiting for Eldrazi,” a show which ancient theatre critics called “largely unwatchable”?

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