Magic: The Gathering - Adventures in the Forgotten Realms - Commander Deck

Deck:: Dungeons of Death
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Magic: The Gathering - Adventures in the Forgotten Realms - Commander Deck

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Four adventurers have set out to make a name for themselves on the Sword Coast—the warlock Prosper, the paladin Galea, the barbarian Vrondiss, and the wizard Sefris. Who will you join in their quest for fortune and glory? Find out with the Magic: The Gathering - Adventures in the Forgotten Realms - Commander Deck.


Harness the power of rage with Vrondiss, calling upon the spirits of his Dragonborn ancestors to incinerate your enemies.


Venture into the Forgotten Realms’ deepest dungeons with Sefris. Emerge with a powerful army of undead and drag your opponents to their doom.


Stand tall next to Galea and arm your forces with powerful Auras and Equipment. With a paladin’s protection on your side, none shall do you harm.


Wield power drawn from Prosper’s fiendish patron, pulling spells out of exile—whether you own them or not.

Dungeons & Dragons-Inspired Cards

Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons have partied up for a crossover made in nerd heaven.

Cast iconic spells like Phantom Steed and Hellish Rebuke. Terrorize your friends with a paranoid beholder. Or kit yourself out with Winged Boots and a Belt of Giant Strength.

Introducing 62 Dungeons & Dragons-themed cards across all four decks, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander decks are full of beloved D&D characters, monsters, and magic items.

2 Traditional Foils

Every Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander Deck contains two traditional foil cards—one foil commander card and one featured foil legendary creature, including characters you may recognize from Forgotten Realms lore.


Despite being one of the largest and most fearsome red dragons in Faerûn, Klauth is sometimes moved by strange whims to perform acts of kindness for creatures he doesn’t think can harm him.

Get a traditional foil Klauth on your side with Draconic Rage and you’ll also find a nonfoil Wulfgar of Icewind Dale—famous friend of Drizzt Do’Urden and wielder of the magical warhammer, Aegis-fang.


Mind flayer Nihiloor serves as a spymaster for Xanathar, beholder crime lord of Waterdeep. It spends much of its time creating intellect devourers—brain-like creatures that can inhabit the skulls of humanoids and transform them into puppet-spies.

Dungeons of Death includes one traditional foil Nihiloor, plus one nonfoil Minn, a Gnome Wizard and master of illusion who delights in the company of her semi-imaginary friends.


From his icy fortress of Svardborg, Jarl Storvald leads teams of frost giants out in great ships to search for the Ring of Winter, an artifact he can use to bring about the Age of Everlasting Ice.

A traditional foil Storvald, Frost Giant Jarl can be found in the Aura of Courage deck alongside a nonfoil Catti-Brie of Mithral Hall—brilliant archer and member of the famous adventuring group, the Companions of the Hall.


The beholder Karazikar is, like most of its kind, hateful and suspicious. Its servants are keenly aware that failure to please their master means death or petrification.

Unleash a traditional foil Karazikar on your opponents with Planar Portal and add to your collection an infernal character who will surely understand you desire—Lorcan, Warlock Collector. Lorcan himself achieved a rare feat: a full collection of thirteen warlocks, each descended from one of the first warlocks to make a pact with Asmodeus, ruler of the Nine Hells.

An Epic Multiplayer Experience

Commander is a multiplayer way to play Magic — an epic, free-for-all battle full of strategic plays and social intrigue. Alliances may be made, but in the end, only one player will be left standing. Until the next game begins, of course!

Assemble a party, choose your commander, and try out Magic: The Gathering’s most popular format with a ready-to-play deck.

Draconic Rage Planar Portal Dungeons of Death Aura of Courage
Colors: Red-Green Red-Black White-Blue-Black Green-White-Blue
Commander: Vrondiss, Rage of Ancients Prosper, Tome-Bound Sefris of the Hidden Ways Galea, Kindler of Hope
Race/Class: Dragonborn Barbarian Tiefling Warlock Human Wizard Elf Knight
Strategy: Do massive damage with dragons Gather Treasure as you stow away cards to cast later Delve into dungeons to raise an undead army Grow your power with equipment and auras

Magic: The Gathering - Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

The Magic and Dungeons & Dragons crossover we've all been waiting for will finally arrive on July 16 (Pre-Release) as our season-long set of legendary experiences continues with Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Prerelease!

This set brings the storytelling and role-playing elements of D&D to Magic through fan-favorite D&D spells and monsters and incredible booster fun treatments highlighting classic D&D flavor, including the rulebook treatment reminiscent of early Monster Manuals.

And, of course, players will find an abundance of both dungeons and dragons.

For regions where in-store play has resumed, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Prerelease will be extra exciting. Be sure to check out the return of the Love Your Local Game Store Promotion for all the ways we’re celebrating the return to in-store play this summer and tune back in for more updates about AFR.

Here's what you need to know about Adventures in the Forgotten Realms so far:

    • Products: Prerelease Packs; Draft, Set, Theme, and Collector Boosters; Commander Decks; Bundle


  • Bundle of 4 Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (AFR) Commander Decks
  • All 4 ready-to-play MTG decks contain 100 Magic cards (2 traditional foil + 98 nonfoil)
  • Each deck comes with 1 Display Commander, 10 double-sided tokens, 1 life tracker + 1 deck box
  • Beloved Dungeons & Dragons heroes and monsters have ventured into Magic for the ultimate crossover!
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