Vinyl Eric Alvardo: Big Band

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As you open the door, you hear the tinkle of a bell hanging from the door. Stepping inside you are instantly drawn to the rhythmic notes coming from a distant trumpet. As if hypnotized, you feel yourself drawn to the soothing music which has now switched to saxophone. As you inch closer, you arrive at the source of the sound as additional instruments join the trumpet and saxophone. Your spirit livens as your soul is whisked to a happy place. When the music ceases, you awaken from your trance and find yourself in a record store dedicated to the 1940’s — The Big Band Era. In Vinyl: Big Band, you will work towards assembling the best collections of Swing and Jazz music from different bands. Each album features a band, one of two genres (Swing and Jazz), one of four instruments (trumpet, trombone, saxophone, rhythm section), and is recorded at either 33 or 78 RPM — the common speeds for albums from this decade. Each album can be assembled into a collection that can earn you more points. Eventually when the record store closes, the player with the most points is the best collector of Vinyl. Big Band can be played without the base game. However, the base version of Vinyl will enhance Big Band by adding the following components: Board Loyalty Cards Crate Publisher’s Expansion Alternate Scoring with Mixed, Pure, and Double Mix

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