Artsy Fartsy - Not Your Parents' Drawing Game

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Artsy Fartsy - Not Your Parents' Drawing Game

Here it is! A family-friendly game with clues that are FUN TO DRAW... from dragons and dog farts, not much is off-limits in this fast-paced game that keeps everyone engaged and begging for more! Team up with family and friends to draw, guess and STEAL clues that will have everyone laughing out loud! If you're one of those parents who doesn't like harmless, sporadic toilet humor, you should play it, loosen up, and laugh with your kids. Oh, and a little warning... Extreme laughter may result in your kids wetting their pants with Artsy Fartsy. Yes, it's happened.

  • ARTSY FARTSY: GREAT FAMILY FUN! Bring on game night with the whole family including kids, tweens, teens, parents, and grandparents. Kid tested and parent approved!
  • A CLASSIC IDEA WITH HILARIOUS, GAME-CHANGING TWISTS! This game is full of drawing, guessing, stealing, and laughing out loud!
  • TOILET HUMOR INCLUDED. With plenty of fresh (or unfresh) categories and content, you'll be drawing everything from DRAGONS to DOG FARTS... stuff kids WANT to draw and guess!
  • GREAT GAME FOR KIDS! Makes an excellent gift for the kids, teens, or the whole family. Even adults need to rebel against maturity on occasion!
  • Includes 234 cards, die, timer, drawing pad, pencils, and complete game rules. Includes everything you need to take on camping trips, road trips, or sleepovers. Drawing skills are not included (nor required).
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