3DS - Combat Of Giants Dinosaurs 3D - Used

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Cartridge is in very good condition. Packaging may show slight signs of wear as may the cover art, liner notes and inserts. Stickers/residue on case. Ultaviolet Digital Copy Code or other codes, if applicable, is not Valid/Available. 

Combat of Giant Dinosaurs 3D for 3DS is a single player, handheld, adventure that blends dinosaur-on-dinosaur combat action with the modern functionality possible with the Nintendo 3DS.* Players engage in unique light role-playing game (RPG) elements in which a dinosaur champion is chosen that they will utilize in exploring the gameworld, as well as in battle against all challenging dinosaurs in a competition that will eventually decide ultimate power in the Jurassic world. Additional features include: fast-paced, real-time fights; dinosaur customization, Interaction with other players via Nintendo 3DS StreetPass functionality and more.

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