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Pick your merc, customize your mech, and compete against 2 to 4 players in a fierce rivalry to be the top mutant hunter in the star system. Galaxy Hunters blends the excitement of crafting a unique character with the deep strategy of classic worker placement. Featuring an innovative neural link system, your choice of pilot and mech will guide your strategy from first deployment to final scoring.

 • Hunt invading mutants, collect resources, and gain reputation with MegaCorps factions.

• Upgrade your mech with new weapons, specialists, armor, and many other unique abilities.

• Defend planets throughout the system for fame and riches with your massive 65mm miniature mech model.

Galaxy Hunters blends the excitement of crafting a unique character with the deep strategy of Euro-style, worker placement.

• Includes 4 large (65mm) Battle Mech miniatures!

• Mix and match pilots and mechs to unlock new powers and special abilities with Galaxy Hunters' inventive neural-link system

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