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We are in June 2471 (2 thousand 4 hundred seventy 1), on an arid Earth and kerosene – called simply KERO - is scarce. Two clans are struggling to survive, exploring New Territories in their tanker trucks. Yet running out of fuel is a risk!
Kero is a two-player game set in a future unfriendly world in which your ability to survive is based on how much kerosene and resources you can find and on how you use wisely them.
You will be the leader of 1 clan, managing your camp, your tanker truck (sand timer about sixty seconds) and 7 Explorers. Players compete for the same cards and territories. Your goal is to collect as many resources as possible while using as little as possible of the KERO in your tanker truck. Roll the dice, avoid fires, collect your resources. Then use them for upgrading your camp by taking cards and sending out Explorers to claim New Territories. Claim any territories in which you have a majority at the end of each of the 3 rounds of the game.

Aim of the game

Score points for the end of the game, by obtaining cards and winning territories faster than your opponent.

Rules of the game

The game is played in 3 rounds, each comprising several turns.
The 39 cards deck includes 3 Claim cards, ending rounds and 3rd one the game. They are inserted into the cards draw pile randomly. You have a specific set up as you have 12 start cards 3 shuffled equal piles including 1 Claim card each. So, a round can almost end at any time! Keep an eye on the number of cards revealed/discarded during the game to guess when an end of round could occur.


1 gameboard 2 time trucks, 12 territory, 24 regular cards, 12 starting cards, 3 battle cards, 18 tokens, 5 resources dice, 3 special dice, 14 character tokens with 14 stickers, rulebook

Assets of the game

• Uncommon barren theme with beautiful colored art.
• 2 tanker trucks of 16cm/6 inches tall inside!
• Unique gameplay mixing strategy and chance.
o Original real-time play
o A simultaneous and interactive way to gain time for your sandtimer!
o Have fun rolling your dice and refueling your tanker-timer!

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