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King Size is an adult party game that answers the question: who's the longest? Players will grab ahold of the 6 dice, shake them up, and wow their friends as they roll to make the longest member. Of course, true love trumps all sizes, so if a player rolls all hearts, they immediately win!

This game is absolutely not for children and should only be played by adults over 18!

  • Simple, quick, and surprisingly deep! You have 3 dice rolls to make the biggest dick! All you need is a head and balls! The length...that's up to you! Never reroll hearts!
  • Officially Licensed
  • A fast and fun party game for adults 18 and over.
  • Only two minutes per player, so games are lightening quick
  • A dice game that truly works players' wrists
  • 2-6 Players | Ages 18+

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