Lorcana Draft Release Event - Ursula's Return

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***Event is capped at 16 players. You MUST purchase and register through vgmx.com to ensure your spot. ***

Join us for an exciting adventure into the mystical realm of Lorcana at our Ursula's Return Release Draft Event on May 19th at 1pm! 

Step into the enchanting world of Ursula's Return and be among the first to experience its wonders! For just $25 per entry ($5 goes towards store credit prizing), you'll receive 4 Packs to create a draft.

As you traverse the realms of Ursula's Return, victory awaits those who prove their prowess. Prize support will include storer credit escalating with attendance.

Don't miss your chance to dive into the heart of Ursula's Return and embark on an unforgettable journey filled with magic, strategy, and camaraderie. 

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