My Little Pony Collectible Card Game Celestial Solstice Exclusive Deluxe Set

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Set Includes:
- 3 Premiere boosters
- 3 Canterlot Nights boosters
- 2 Lenticular oversized Mane Characters
- 24 Foil Cards (3 ea. of 8 new cards)
- 70 stunning protective card sleeves
- Deck dividers (Index cards)
- Poster with images of all Premiere and CN cards
- Collectors box
My Little Pony CCG Players will be celebrating the arrival of this deluxe boxed set filled with fun new gameplay and highly collectible items. MLP: CCG Celestial Solstice has 2 exclusive oversized Mane Character cards with very special lenticular 3-D treatment, plus 8 new foil cards with 3 copies of each to maximize playability. You also get 70 card protector sleeves featuring Princess Celestia and Luna (10 sleeves for your problem deck and 60 for your draw deck). Its all packaged in a stunning deck box to hold this coveted collection & more!

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