My Little Pony Equestrian Odysseys Theme Deck: Jam Session

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Equestrian Odysseys is the 5th set of the MLP: CCG and the beginning of an all-new block with updated card templates and exciting new gameplay. The new season of Friendship is Magic features the Mane Six exploring Equestria, which inspired SIX all-new keywords in Equestrian Odysseys, like the explosive action of Competitive and the careful planning of Meticulous. Dual-color cards and single-color Problems also make their debuts along with stunning new Super Rares and Royal Rares (approx. 1 per case)! This is the largest set so far and features a huge roster of familiar and new characters alike. It makes both, a great follow-up set for MLP: CCG veterans, and a perfect entry point for new players. It's time to take your old friends on a journey into new frontiers as everyone's favorite ponies from Ponyville go on Equestrian Odysseys!

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