Dice Set Pearl Green Acrylic Sirius

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Dice Set Pearl Green Acrylic Sirius

Set of 7 polyhedral dice plus 1 extra D20. Packaged in a flat-bottom tube, so you can easily carry and store your dice. Style: Dice Set Pearl Green Acrylic Sirius

Lax Chandra and Tina Trenkler launched Sirius Dice in January of 2019 after careers at big and small gaming companies in the industry. Both had broadened their careers outside the industry but missed what it represents and the people who are part of it. They are excited to be making products that not only support gamers in their favorite games but also fulfill the unmet needs of retailers to merchandise products better. Dice Set Translucent Blue Resin from Sirius Dice.

Sirius Dice shifted as the whole industry did in 2020. Originally a wholesale-only company, the team turned to also providing online direct sales to support local game store communities. In 2021, we will begin introducing new product types with SKUs that can be sold by retail stores and others that will supplement the product through online sales.

About VGMX

VGMX is a Local Game Store with a little bit of everything to embrace and express your inner nerd. With core values of putting the customer first and integrity, VGMX has been serving Columbus, Ohio on Schrock road for over 26 years.

Their knowable staff has and always keeps the best interest of the customer as the foundation of the business. To give customers the best value, they offer free memberships and price products at online market rates.

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Customers are required to bring a photo ID to pick up their order

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