RetroDuo System 2 in 1 Top Loading SNES NES Retro-Bit

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RetroDuo System 2 in 1 Top Loading SNES NES Retro-Bit

Get your NES and SNES games out of the garage and dust them off! The breakthrough RetroDuo 2-in-1 System allows you to play most of your old favorites on one system. The sleek and slim design saves you space, while specially placed air vents ensure that your trip down memory lane is one way, with no stops or delays due to an overheated system. The RetroDuo works with most NES and SNES games including imports from Japan, and will accept all 16-bit controllers, and is specially designed to hold your cartridges firmly in place. It includes 2 controllers, an AC adapter, and AV cables, leaving you only a flip of the switch away from total nostalgia.

RetroDuo System

  • Saves space.
  • Reinforced cartridge doors.
  • Slide-proof bottom support
  • Compatible with most Japanese titles.
  • Compatible with original 16-bit controllers.
  • Sleeker design.
  • Lighter in weight.
  • Package includes:
    • Retro-Duo® System
    • Two controllers
    • AV/S-video cable
    • AC adapter
    • Instruction Manual

Retro gaming is a hobby that is both rewarding and enlightening; like leafing through an old book or listening to a record from many moons ago, there’s an element of discovery for those who weren’t around to enjoy vintage titles when they were first released. Conversely, those of us old (and wise) enough to remember the classic systems first time around gain a hearty dose of nostalgia from digging out ageing hardware and firing up long-lost favourites.

The trouble is, nothing is ever built to last forever. While gamers tend to believe that their trusty cartridge-based consoles won’t ever fail them, the fact remains that all technology has a finite lifespan. Sooner or later, your beloved NES/SNES/whatever is going to shuffle off its mortal coil and join the great silicon heaven in the sky.

Thankfully, when this event occurs you have several options available – one being the Wii’s handy Virtual Console service, of course. However, for those of you that own games that for whatever reason are not currently available for purchase online (or merely desire something more tangible than digital downloads) there’s always the “FamiClone” route.

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