Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio Plus - Galaxy Edition for NES, SNES, and Genesis

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Super Retro Trio Plus Galaxy Edition

Step up your retro-gaming experience and relive three classic systems like never before, in crisp 720p resolution with Super Retro Trio Plus Galaxy Edition! The SR3® Plus is the premium top loading console for all of your original NES®, SNES®, and Genesis® games. Custom built with three cartridge slots, six controller ports, and now with HDMI® compatibility!

Super Retro Trio Plus Galaxy Edition

• Compatible with original NES®, SNES®, and Genesis® game cartridges

• Custom built with NTSC/PF/NJ/PA region switch

• AV and HDMI® (6 ft. cable included) compatible

• Includes two 10 ft. wired six-button controllers

• Controllers compatible with SNES® and select Retro-Bit® consoles

• Two controller ports for NES®, SNES®, and Genesis® controllers

PC Mag Review

Retro gaming has come a long way in the last few years, and I'm not talking about emulation. Four years ago, I reviewed the Innex Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio, a three-in-one classic game system that could play NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis games. It worked just like the original systems, outputting in standard definition over a composite video connection. Innex tested the high-definition cartridge system waters last year with the NES-only RES+, letting you play NES games in 720p output over HDMI. Now the Super RetroTrio Plus gives the HD treatment to all the games that work with the Super RetroTrio. This $89.99 console is effectively a Super RetroTrio with a 720p upscaler built into it, outputting games over HDMI or RCA composite video.


The Super RetroTrio Plus is physically almost identical to the Super Retro Trio. It's a white-and-black plastic box measuring 2.3 by 7.8 by 8.2 inches (HWD), with three game cartridge slots for NES, Super NES/Super Famicom, and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games on the top panel. A four-way sliding switch and a mechanical reset button sit alongside the cartridge slots; the switch both turns on the system and sets it to play NES, SNES/SF, or G/MD games with one motion. It's functional, but bulky and not very attractive compared with the SNES Classic and Analogue Super Nt.

A red door on the front panel, under an overhanging lip from the top, hides an imposing number of controller ports. The system has two connectors each for NES, SNES/SF, and G/MD gamepads behind the door, along with two sliding switches. One switch lets you choose between using a SNES controller or the included gamepads for all three systems through the SNES controller ports, or using each system's respective gamepad with their own ports. With the switch in the left position, any controller plugged into the SNES ports will control games in any of the three slots; with the switch in the right position, each game slot requires a controller plugged into that system's respective controller port. The other switch toggles the Genesis/Mega Drive slot to play various regions' game cartridges: North American NTSC, Japanese NTSC, European PAL, or Asian PAL.

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