Ultimate Guard Superhive 550+ Monocolor Blue

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  • Designed for 550 Double-Sleeved or 650 Single-Sleeved Standard Sized Cards in Ultimate Guard Sleeves*: Our product is expertly crafted to accommodate your card storage needs. Whether you prefer double-sleeving for maximum protection or opt for single-sleeved cards, this storage solution can comfortably hold up to 550 double-sleeved cards or 650 single-sleeved cards in Ultimate Guard Sleeves*. No more worrying about running out of space; you've got room to spare for your expanding collection.
  • Designed for Two Play-Mats: Ultimate Guard is thoughtfully designed to comfortably accommodate two Play-Mats, ensuring that you have ample space for your gameplay setup. Say goodbye to cramped or bulky storage options – this solution allows you to keep your Play-Mats in pristine condition and ready for action.
  • Convenient for Carrying Multiple Decks: Versatility is key, and Ultimate Guard excels at providing convenience for gamers who like to carry multiple decks. It offers ample storage space, allowing you to organize and transport your various decks with ease. Whether you're switching between formats or sharing decks with friends, our solution has you covered.
  • Great for Cubing: Cubing enthusiasts rejoice! Our product is perfectly suited for your cube collection. It's optimized for efficient cubing organization, ensuring that your cube drafts and gameplay sessions run smoothly. Stay organized and prepared for epic cube battles with our dedicated storage solution.
  • Strong Magnetic Closure with Additional ZnapClaw Locking Mechanism: Security is paramount when it comes to safeguarding your valuable collection. Our product features a robust magnetic closure, providing reliable protection during transport and storage. To enhance security further, it includes an additional ZnapClaw locking mechanism, offering an extra layer of safety for your gaming essentials.

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