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The British Invasion is commencing. Music from talented British musicians is taking to the airwaves and entering homes around the world. People are flocking to record stores to purchase inexpensive 45s to explore these new sounds and eventually invest in 33s of their favorite bands. Stores are importing music from these bands to meet the surging demand.

British Invasion is a Vinyl edition that expands on the core mechanisms of Vinyl with the introduction of the Listening Booth and 45s. Players will collect albums and 45s from six British bands, which may have been imported or recorded in high fidelity. 45s have two sides, an "A-side" with locked attributes and a "B-side" with unlocked attributes. The player can "flip a 45 from its "A-side" to the "B-side" at the Listening Booth and use it to collect albums.

As the collection gets larger, the player may retire the 45s and albums from a single band to earn a Collection Reward Token.

For 6 the new bands (Half & Half, Lead Balloon, Scarabs, The What, Rolling Bones, Pink Fluid), the following is included in this expansion:

  • 66 Magazine Cards
  • 72 Album Cards
  • 24 45s Cards
  • 5 Overlays – two Record Bins, one Magazine Rack, one Front Counter (with Listening Booth), one Sales Bin
  • 5 Meeples
  • 13 Basic Scoring Tokens
  • Rulebook

British Invasion can be played without the base game. However, the base version of Vinyl will enhance British Invasion by adding the following components:

  • Board
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Crate
  • Publisher’s Expansion
  • Alternate Scoring with Mixed, Pure, and Double Mix

The British Invasion can also use the Memorabilia from Masters of Metal.

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