Vinyl Eric Alvardo: Falcon Strikes Studios

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After the needle reaches the center of the record, you shoot up out of your chair and hop on the computer — you want more! You locate the nearest record store. You jump in the car, not knowing what to expect. After arriving and parking the car, you pull back on the door and enter into a musical paradise.

Vinyl allows players to be aspiring vinyl collectors. With the knowledge acquired from visiting the Magazine Rack, players will begin to collect albums to assemble into collections that will score them additional points. Players will interact when collecting albums at the Record Bins or when gaining more knowledge at the Magazine Rack.

Unfortunately, the inventory is limited, and other customers may be targeting the same vinyl gems. After the record store closes, players will tally their collection's value and determine the Elite Collector of Vinyl.

  • Set Collection
  • Hand Management
  • Single Worker
  • Bump Actions
  • Victory Points

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