Widget Ridge: The Fire in Which We Learn

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Widget Ridge: The Fire in Which We Learn, a Story Pack for Widget Ridge, adds new card types to the game.

Characters: allows players to start as a character from Widget Ridge with unique abilities and starting cards.

Locations: These cards are shuffled into the Marketplace deck. When a Location is revealed, it remains on that space, and a new Marketplace card is placed on top. The Location card acts in every way like a blank space, except it has an additional effect. If a Location appears on top of another Location (in the same space), discard the oldest Location. Location cards cannot be melted unless a card or effect specifies.

This pack contains 11-cards:
2 x Character Cards (Lady Luna & Alistar)
2 x Custom Beloved Widgets
4 x Custom Gadgets
2 x Location Cards
1 x Goal Card

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